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"Brother, You Asked For It"

America got what it deserved yesterday. I hope that once it gets bad enough here, which it eventually will, sooner or later, some other country will be nice enough to let me in.

Capitalism FTW!

This is how capitalism saves lives and betters the lives of the poor, rich, and everyone in between. He has it exactly right...the government is NOT the is!

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Syrian Refugee Child Washes Up on Turkish Beach

This post was originally published on Facebook and is re-posted here with permission. Thank you, Vern Stevens, for your thoughtful commentary.
This is a Syrian refugee child. Some people live under such ghastly conditions that they choose to place themselves and their children in peril for chance to find a better life in another land. While Europe is at least trying to relocate immigrants fleeing the violence of their home countries, many of our potential presidential candidates are talking about how we can keep such people out of our country because we don't approve of the way they get in. Rather than being the Mother of Exiles that we once were, we've developed an expensive and extensive immigration system that makes it nearly impossible for very vulnerable people to pursue life, liberty, and happiness in our country that is fortunate in so many ways.
So maybe give this child some thought if you want to put any candidate in office that wants to build a wall separating our country from Latin America. Maybe the next child that washes up on shore will be in Texas or California.
Photo Source: The Guardian

The Gift of Liberty

Check out Google's doodle today about the Statue of Liberty


America, Here are the Faces of your Drug and Immigration War

Federal Judge Orders Arpaio to Undergo Racial Profile Training

I don't seriously believe this will change anything, but it brought a smile to my face this morning.

Quotes About Immigration

I don’t believe that people come to America to sit on their hands. The vast majority of America’s immigrants are hardworking, family-minded individuals with strong values. They are drawn here from many different places by a common belief that this is still the land of opportunity for those willing to work hard. 
Ruper Murdoch in his op-ed for the Wall Street Journal, which you can find here.