Immigration Cartoon

Here’s an interesting political cartoon on immigration.

I often “joke” that my ex-husband should be stripped of his citizenship and deported.  He rarely works even when the economy is good and he mooches off anyone that will let him.  It’s pitiful and ridiculous that so many honest, hard-working people want to be in America, yet people like my ex sit around complaining about them wanting to be here. 

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Hi Kelly,

I really like the cartoon, except that the right label is racist. (I'm white -- and not a conservative nationalist!) I think the right label should be something like "When conservatives are out of work...."

I'm excited about your blog and the fight for individual rights in the immigration issue! Maybe I will see you at OCON, I'll be there for the first half.

Brad Williams

Hi, Brad!

I agree the label on the right could be better. Technically, all conservatives don't feel that way either though. Even if it were labeled "Americans" it would be collectivist, and frankly, the "Mexican" label is collectivist too as not all Mexicans think that way.

Fortunately, the important thing is the sentiment of the cartoon. There are those who are willing and want to work, and there are those that want to blame everyone else for their problems.

I think there is some legitimacy to blaming someone for the unemployment situation in this country, but the blame does not belong to immigrants. It belongs to the US Government and the huge hand it has played in hurting the economy.


Oh, and Brad, I hope to meet you at OCON as well! :-) -KMV

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