Immigration Fund Raiser a Success!

This past Saturday, I organized a fund raiser for my Ecuadorian friend who is trying to stay in the US and eventually get citizenship.  Although only 10 people came to the event, we raised nearly $1000 for his fall tuition.  Yea!  If he can raise another $2000, he can stay in the US on a student visa.  A few of his other friends are having fund raisers for him as well and I plan to attend those and help out.

It’s really sad and pitiful that a productive, happy, healthy and law-abiding person has to go through this nightmare just to stay in the US.  Furthermore, if the US recognized same sex marriages, applying for a visa then citizenship would be much easier for my friend, albeit not guaranteed.  (Yes, our government deports spouses for no good reason!) 

I would like to post more personal immigration stories on this blog, so if you or anyone you know is willing to share their story for Mother of Exiles, please email me at  Due to the nature of the INS, anonymous posts are welcomed!

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Hi Kelly. You might be interested in this post I wrote last year about some neighbor friends of mine from Canada.

Thank you for the link, C! An interesting story about a ridiculous situation.

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