The “Tired-Immigrant”

Ever since I remember, I loved America. Growing up in India, at first America symbolized "cool stuff". When I was a little older, it symbolized "rich country". As I understood the cause of that wealth, it symbolized all the greatness that was possible to an individual if only he had the freedom to work hard without asking permission from petty bureaucrats. America symbolized more than just freedom; it was the place where people felt like human beings, not like a statistical cogs in a wheel; it was a place where there was hope, where one could dream the impossible dream... it was the land of the "uneaten alive".

The above paragraph was taken from Tired-Immigrant’s blog post titled, “The America I Love”.  Please click on the link to read the post in its entirety.  It’s an extremely moving story that forever changed how I view my government, the philosophy of this once-great nation and American immigration policy.

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