From guest blogger, Santiago J. Valenzuela

It appears Congress will try to pass DREAM Act before the year is over.  The DREAM Act, while far from perfect, is a small step in the right direction towards legalizing countless immigrants whose only goal is to live and work peacefully in this country.  

Please contact your congressman and give a quick show of support for the bill.  You may contact your Representative here and your Senator here.  

We will review DREAM Act in a future post and explain how it is a step in the right direction, but far from a complete solution to the country’s immigration problem.

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how do you know they wont be obtaining their education here and innovating abroad or their native countries? i.e. Look at the case of Nigeria and Mexico already.

Innovation and production is a potential benefit to all of mankind, particularly those living in a capitalist society (which the US ought to be.) The more producers the world has, the easier life will be for all of us. Would you rather they remain in their native lands, uneducated, begging for a US taxpayer handout in the form of government aid?

Furthermore, if an immigrant comes to the US only to study, they are still contributing to our economy while they're here. They must purchase housing, tuition, food, clothing, transportation, supplies, etc. (They will also be paying state and local sales taxes, property taxes, gas taxes and the like, which none of us should be paying!)

Hello Anonymous,

How do you know an American-born citizen won't move once his education is over? To, say, the Carribean?

And why is that the business of the State?

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