Immigrant Labor Creates Jobs

The New York Times had an interesting article last weekend titled How Immigrants Create More Jobs.  From the article:

The study notes that when companies move production offshore, they pull away not only low-wage jobs but also many related jobs, which can include high-skilled managers, tech repairmen and others. But hiring immigrants even for low-wage jobs helps keep many kinds of jobs in the United States, the authors say. In fact, when immigration is rising as a share of employment in an economic sector, offshoring tends to be falling, and vice versa, the study found.

In other words, immigrants may be competing more with offshored workers than with other laborers in America.

I think it’s time to end the scaremongering associated with immigration and let the truth (and freedom) reign!

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This whole issue is so backwards in the US.

As advocates of limited government we understand the problem of having more non-paying welfare recipients. It's not good. However, opinions on immigratin that I see circulating strike me as so... ugly... for lack of a better word.

* As the article points out, wouldn't we rather have jobs in the US? I have nothing against overseas workers, but if people who are willing to work here are prevented from doing so, it's just wrong. Freedom is good!

* People who come to this country are not all coming to mooch. I'm sure many, if not most, come to better themselves by their own effort. Opponents of immigration therefore oppose self-improvement.

(plus, as a customer, I'll take an adult Mexican employee over a sullen American teenager with false sense of entitlement any day)

* Difficult immigration laws create a black market in travel, which subjects people to thugs and to exploitation in America by those who can turn them in if they don't comply with their wishes.

And so on, and so on…

I'm glad to see you start this blog. Immigration is an issue that riles me.

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