The “Dangerous” People Picked up for Immigration Violations

From guest blogger, Santiago J. Valenzuela

Here is an article describing two of the types of people who will soon be deported:

Sgt. Mike Sorensen says the northbound car carrying them was traveling from New York City to an unknown location in Vermont when it was stopped Thursday on Interstate 91 in Brattleboro.

Police determined that the two — identified as 36-year-old Javier Cruz-Quispe and 34-year-old Darwin Quispe-Cruz — were illegal immigrants from Peru who were living in Queens NY, and had failed to appear for deportation hearings.

Their terrible crime? Speeding, an act which I think very few adult US citizens avoid doing at least once a day.

Now, because of this country’s immigration laws, you and I will be forced to pay thousands of dollars for their stay in jail, another hearing, and tickets back to their home country of Peru. As a take away, whatever productive endeavors they were obviously involved in (they had some sort of living arrangements in New York and a vehicle after all), have now stopped. Aren't we all so benefited by this incredible waste of time, money and effort by law enforcement and government?  I know I’ll sleep better tonight knowing these two dangerous individuals are off the streets. 

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