Georgia Joins Chorus of States Vowing to Crack Down on the Economic Recovery

From guest blogger, Santiago J. Valenzuela

At a time when budgets are strained, revenues are down and the economy is struggling to recover from government meddling in the economy, Georgia politicians have decided that killing jobs and costing the state more money is a great idea:

'Georgia is aggressive,' said Bryan Griffith, spokesman for the Center for Immigration Studies in Washington, which favors tough measures to expel and repel illegal immigrants. 'There are tools, and Georgia is using them.'

Georgia is among about 10 states seriously studying the law adopted in Arizona, the most aggressive in the country. It directs local police to enforce federal immigration laws and imposes severe penalties on businesses that hire illegal workers.

As we have gone over before, immigrants create higher-paying jobs for more skilled workers and keep businesses in America competitive in the global marketplace. Cracking down on illegal immigrants will start to suck these jobs away from the US and ship them overseas, a fact that Georgia Republicans do not seem to care about.

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