Immigration, Poverty and People with Gumballs for Brains

Right Side News posts more nonsense from NumbersUSA:

In a five minute astoundingly simple yet brilliant video, 'Immigration, Poverty, and Gum Balls,' Roy Beck, director of www.numbersusa.ORG, graphically illustrates the impact of overpopulation.  Take five minutes to see for yourself:

NumbersUSA was founded by racist environmentalist John Tanton. While it presents itself as presenting "just the facts," as you know, presenting the facts in a slanted way or out of context gives the illusion of objectivity while really advancing a lie.

As I have written before, the line that NumbersUSA and its sister organizations (FAIR and the Center for Immigration Studies) take is that the United States is dangerously close to being "overpopulated" and so we must "sustain" our current population level. The numbers they present ignore the massive upside to immigration and the massive downside to shackling businessmen even more than they already are. (Not to mention the fact that this country has plenty of wide open spaces and untapped resources, so we're far from being overpopulated.) 

The lack of any talk about the upside of immigration and treating the economy as if it were one small pie out of which immigrants take pieces is terrible and irresponsible. It makes perfect sense for NumbersUSA however, which was founded by John Tanton for the express purpose of deceiving the public into believing that "dirty" races do not belong in America.

Once you learn about the racist, ulterior motives of NumbersUSA, CIS and FAIR, it's easy to see why they use these videos to persuade otherwise reasonable people to fear immigrants.

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Can you factually refute the Gumball Numbers Roy illustrates? I am an American and am very much alarmed by the over-immigration we are experiencing.

His numbers may be factual, but he presents the numbers out of context so as to skew the results and scare people.

The problem with America is not immigration. The problem with America is a lack of capitalism. (Here's a link to learn more about capitalism... )

One of the key benefits of capitalism is that the economy will continue to expand as long as there is demand for it to do so. NumbersUSA would have you believe that the resources of this country are finite and unable to grow past a certain point, but that's simply not true. If schools are needed, they can be built. If roads are needed, they can be built. If homes are needed, they can be built. Just like in the past, when cities are needed, they are built.

Now when the government controls and tries to pay for everything (by stealing from all of us), then resources are finite and ever-increasing in cost. Government ownership of roads, schools, welfare systems, etc., leads to higher costs, shortages and higher taxes. Get the government out of the economy and you will see the problems they've created go away as well!

If you're not convinced that government (and white supremacist hate groups) are causing the immigration problems in this country, please specify for me some of the issues you have with immigration (some examples) and I will be happy to explain how capitalism can solve those specific problems.

Hello Anonymous,

Please take a look at this point to see a longer refutation of NumbersUSA -

But the short of it is - more people here is not a "burden on society." Are we half as rich as we were in 1960, when there were a 150 million people living in America? No.

In fact, we are many times more rich now. Adjusted for inflation, GDP in 1960 was 3.7 trillion (520 billion in 1960 dollars.) Our current GDP is over 14 trillion - almost 4 times the amount, despite the population doubling! By the logic of NumbersUSA, the additional people should have taxed the land and "resources" so much that we should now be much poorer, but instead we are much richer.

I urge you to read my longer post, but the short of it is: economic freedom, not population density, determines the wealth of nations. So long as the US economy is left free to produce, more people means more can get done.

I just thought of another question, if you'd be so kind as to indulge me. Does it bother you that Roy Beck and his cohorts over at NumbersUSA are white supremacists? It seems that fact alone should cause some people to question them and their data. I'm curious if you knew NumbersUSA was funded and run by hateful racists and if so, whether or not it changes how you feel about them? Thank you for reading, thanks for your comment and I hope you'll respond. :-)

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