Janet Napolitano, No Friend of Immigrants (or Business)

From guest blogger Santiago J. Valenzuela

While the Supreme Court considers the Arizona Immigration law, Janet Napolitano is in the curious position of being part of an administration that is arguing against the very law she signed when governor of Arizona:

The administration found itself in an awkward spot in part because the Legal Arizona Workers Act was signed into law in 2007 by then- Gov. Janet Napolitano. She said it would impose the "business death penalty" on employers caught a second time hiring illegal workers, and blamed "the flow of illegal immigration into our state … [on] the constant demand of some employers for cheap, undocumented labor.

Emphasis Mine

Besides marking Napolitano unqualified to hold public office (since she obviously does not understand individual rights or know that the government’s proper function is to protect them), her quote highlights that the interests of business and immigrants do indeed coincide with one another. Employers want the best and least expensive labor they can find, and immigrants (illegal or otherwise) are often very willing to work for lower wages.

That leaves two kinds of people who are against open immigration laws: those who are unfriendly toward businesses and those who are unfriendly toward immigrants. Janet Napolitano - with her joyful talk about the "business death penalty" - is a great illustration of the first kind of person, but it’s worth noting that without American businesses, there would be no chance for immigrants coming in to this country.

Don't be fooled by people who talk about punishing, taxing and controlling American businesses, are no friend of the immigrant community.

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