Kentucky Republicans Pushing Arizona-like Immigration Law

From guest blogger, Santiago J. Valenzuela

Once again Republicans are proving that the economy is not their top priority:

Williams, R-Burkesville, announced the Senate majority's legislative agenda Friday after the 23 members of the Republican caucus met for two days in Frankfort. The legislative session begins in January...

...Williams, who plans to run for the Republican nomination for governor in the spring, declined to talk about specifics of the Senate's planned proposal regarding immigration enforcement, saying only that it would be similar to legislation that passed in Arizona.

The fact that such measures cost real money (paid for by taxpayers) and kill jobs rather than protect them eludes Williams.

It is very disappointing that more states are not crafting meaningful legislation like Utah. Hopefully, Utah’s bill will pass and prove what we here at MoE already know; immigration helps the economy!

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