Obama is no Friend to Immigrants

From guest blogger Santiago J. Valenzuela

In an effort to look tough, the Obama administration is deporting ever-more immigrants.

For much of this year, the Obama administration touted its tougher-than-ever approach to immigration enforcement, culminating in a record number of deportations [almost 390,000]...

...ICE's goal for 2011 is to remove 404,000 immigrants.

If you thought that Democrats, in general, or Obama, in particular, were friends of a more rational approach to immigration policies, you were wrong. You do not see protests arising from the Democrat caucuses and this was specifically done with the approval of Obama's team. People fighting for immigration rights should remember not to get attached to either party, when members of both have shown themselves very willing to support xenophobic policies.

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In any immigration reform bill,if republicans bring one to the floor it will be for more restrictions,or it will not be "generous"enough for democrats,who want them for a voting constituency and will scuttle any bill however capitalist it maybe.

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