Update on the Republicans in Colorado

From guest blogger Santiago J. Valenzuela

Republicans in Colorado, in howling defiance of the laws of economics, common sense and good politics, are beginning to rumble about the need for an Arizona-like immigration law, just as predicted.

Illegal immigrants cost Colorado taxpayers as much as $1.5 billion a year, put downward pressure on wages and hurt employers that comply with the law.

That, at least, was the view presented today by advocates for stronger immigration laws at a summit held by the Republican Study Committee of Colorado, a group representing the most conservative GOP lawmakers.

The summit came as Sen.-elect Kent Lambert, R-Colorado Springs, has said he will sponsor a tough new immigration law.

"It'll be, let's say, very similar to the Arizona (Senate Bill) 1070 law," Lambert said.

In an astounding display of political theater, the "Summit on Immigration" declined to host anyone who would bring up anything good about immigration. It featured such stars as the Center for Immigration Studies, who specializes in ignorant fear-mongering about how "overcrowded" the US is and how the only way to save us from living in a gigantic dumpster is to keep those dirty foreigners out. No group which had anything positive to say about the effects of open immigration was invited to speak, lending the proceedings an air of farce, rather than of sober, responsible people attempting to discover the truth through the investigation of all the facts.

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Gee, I figured without Tancredo at the helm, they wouldn't try this. I always underestimate the inanity and powers of legislators.

I wonder what "cost Colorado taxpayers as much as $1.5 billion a year" means. Does it mean Colorado didn't get to steal $1.5 billion from illegals like it does us? Or does it mean that they consumed $1.5 billion in services they didn't pay for? I'm less concerned about the former, and the latter simply means we need to stop entitlement programs.

Plus, I thought Republicans were for free markets (OK, I don't really think that). What could be freer than someone being hired for whatever wage an employer wishes to pay, without wage laws or other imposed restrictions, and for them to not have to pay taxes?

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