Follow Up to Yesterday's Post

Reason Magazine has a post about the Arizona Minutemen shooting I blogged about yesterday:

The murdered father thought the woman and man who invaded were cops at the door; other accounts say that the woman identified herself as such and claimed the family was harboring a fugitive. During the murders, the surviving mother was able to shoot back at one of the killers. According to the Mail: "Forde was arrested shortly after the shooting. She had Mrs. Gonzalez's wedding ring and other jewelry, according to police.....Forde's lawyer Eric Larsen told the court that she was not at the house and that much of the evidence was circumstantial"


A history of Forde's shady past from her old hometown of Everett, Washington, including being a suspect in the shooting of her ex-husband and perhaps a faked beating and rape claim on herself. A Forde friend booted from the courtroom for showing up in disguise; the judge doesn't want her there until she's called as a witness.

The story is getting more disgusting by the day.

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