How hard is it to immigrate legally?

A conservative argument against illegal immigration is that such immigrants should respect the rule of law and "get in line" for immigration into the United States.  Let's take a look at the line.

The following is a picture roughly illustrating the process it takes to get a green card and eventually become a citizen. 

Would you have any desire to follow the rule of law if you could only apply for the kinds of jobs the US government felt were "in highest demand"?

Would you have any desire to follow the rule of law if your employer had to pay $10,000 in legal fees simply to bring you aboard?

Would you have any desire to follow the rule of law if when you're qualified, skilled and with an employer happy to take on the enormous expense of hiring you, you were told that "work permits for the year have run out" and to try again next year?

In the name of "Americans first," these types of laws have been put into place. Not only do strict immigration laws hurt the US economy, but if such requirements were placed on US citizens, there would be rioting in the streets!  Yet hard-line anti-immigration politicians and their supporters simply ignore that these laws and requirements are both economically unsound and unbelievably unjust.

When I talk about immigration reform, it is this sort of statist nonsense that I am fighting against. The GOP would scream about tyranny and government takeovers if similar laws were applied to any other area of the economy, but are they really concerned with massive government power or do they simply disagree with the Democrats as to where it should be exercised?

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Hey MOE,

I am just a Randian who dreams about America. When I was young, I thought education could get you to the 'Land of Freedom'. As time went by, I came to know about the immigration rules - why only 'skilled' AND/OR 'research/technology' people are allowed gate pass (conditions apply!)!

I am just an average person who wanted to make America her home...but I guess the only way out is to 'break the law'.

Why? Reading your blog cut my heart deep...illegal immigrants! Humbug! Ayn Rand was an illegal immigrant...If America had deported her then, how the world would have discovered John Galt?

Why, only a person producing millions of dollars for the government deserves America! I have seen so many 'high-end students/technologists' making America their 'home' and still berating it.

Simple people who live life guided by reason and productive labor (even if low-paying), don't they deserve America?

I don't understand laws...I just wanted to be free - in mind, in live life in pursuit of happiness. Was that too much to ask?

Opus Dei

I sympathize with you! This country has awful immigration restrictions and until we can change the prevailing philosophy in this country, I'm afraid it will be difficult, at best, for many to immigrate here.

We do what we can here at MoE to speak out, share ideas and try to get people to change their thinking. If you'd ever like to write up a post or share more comments with us, we're happy to post them.

Best wishes to you!

Thank you Kelly for your best wishes! And your blog is a great forum for people like us...rational dreamers!

I wish America goes back to what it that 'we' stand a chance ... A land where even an amateurish poet like me has the right to exist!

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