More Strange Bedfellows

Once again, I'm amazed at how terrible an idea has to be in order for sheriffs, the ACLU, lefty activists, Republican Governor Rick Perry and business organizations to work together to defeat it.

"I just don't understand what all the brouhaha is about," Riddle said in an interview. "I'm doing what I think my constituents and the vast majority of the people of Texas are wanting. They are wanting their border secure."

But Bill Hammond, executive director of the Texas Association of Business, said at the news conference that progress on immigration reform should come from Washington - not Austin.

It's not every day that Hammond, whose organization is often aligned with Republicans, stands at a news conference alongside the ACLU.

"Most Republicans are favoring this type of legislation, and they're our traditional friends - that's not a secret," Hammond said after the event. "It's our hope they will … slow down, take a hard look at the long-term impact on Texas before they enact this legislation."

He's concerned that convention business and investments in the state would dry up if Texas passes Arizona-style legislation.

"If this legislation were to become law, perhaps someone should file a bill to change the state's motto as well," said Hammond.

Texas' motto is "friendship."

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