The Myth of Anchor Babies

Hat tip to David McBride for recommending this post to MoE!

In his excellent post, Busting The Myth Behind The "Anchor Baby" Slur, Adam Serwer points out:

…only 9 percent of undocumented immigrants had children shortly after arriving, and there's a distinct lack of evidence that any of them had children for that reason. Nill writes that these "findings pretty much invalidate the argument that is at the center of the birthright citizenship debate." That's actually not the only information in the Pew Survey that contradicts the views of restrictionists. There's also the news that the undocumented population increased slightly to 11.2 million by March 2010, after falling from 12 million to 11.1 million between 2007-2009:

He goes on to point out:

Now the Obama administration has tried to take some credit for the decline by pointing to its high numbers of deportations and increased resources at the border. But because in the long-term border enforcement really does little to stem migration, the decline was more likely attributable to a struggling economy.

Check out the entire post here and Serwer's "shocking conclusion."  It's good stuff!

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