Republicans: More of the Same

As if we need more, here is yet another reminder of the kind of terrible ideas that have taken hold of the Republican party and conservatives in particular. Let's hear what representative Steve King of Iowa said:

He has dubbed illegal immigration not just a 'slow-motion terrorist attack' but a 'slow-motion holocaust.' 'The line of scrimmage has moved closer to our goal line,' King tells me, 'and you’ve got a different team calling the plays.'

Steve King, by the way, is the ranking member (most senior, though he does not chair it) of the House subcommittee on immigration.

That isn't all, though:

Zoe Lofgren, the California Democrat who is surrendering her immigration subcommittee chair, recalls a 2007 bill that allowed more Afghan and Iraqi translators to obtain special visas to enter the U.S. 'When we took it to the floor,' Lofgren says, 'Steve King - and I thought it was irrational - called it 'amnesty.'

A 2008 bill that would have helped U.S. soldiers and their family members gain legal status was named after Marine Lance Corporal Jose Gutierrez, one of the first Americans to die in combat in the Iraq War. 'Mr. King,' Lofgren recalls, 'wanted to know how the dead soldier had entered the United States.'

(Emphasis mine.)

These are the kinds of voices leading the Republican party in the immigration debate and it's pitiful.

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