Utah Bill - The Right Road, Not the Middle Ground

As we noted before, Utah is unique among the states in pursuing state-based immigration reform that makes sense. The two sides in Washington have presented false alternatives, that of slashing immigration numbers or simply avoiding the subject. Most states have been busy trying to solve the problem by violating the rights of employers and hurting their already fragile economies.

Utah is instead trying to keep the economic benefits brought by a more open immigration policy while addressing some of the legitimate worries that arise from having immigration policy that results in lots of illegal crossings. Here is the story:

The Utah bill, known as the Pilot Accountability Permit Program, would grant work permits to illegal immigrants so they could legally work in the state but would require them to undergo criminal background checks, pay taxes and take English classes, and it would force them to leave the state if they lose their jobs.

While not perfect and depending on the final text of the bill, this may be a step in the right direction.

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