3M CEO Gives it to the US Government

Once again, our government is hurting the US economy, destroying individual lives and causing job losses.  3M CEO, George Buckley, tells it like it is:

[Buckley] said President Obama is "anti-business" and his regulation and tax policies could result in manufacturers shifting production out of the United States.

Buckley also criticized the country's immigration policies. He said 68 percent of U.S. science PhD candidates are from outside the U.S. and would like to stay here, but they have a difficult time obtaining visas. The result: 3M is "exporting our science" overseas, he said. Indeed, a recent Business Journal report illustrated how nearly half of 3M's R&D operations are now outside of the United States.

A business is in existence to make a profit.  If our government prevents businesses from making profits, have no doubt they will move elsewhere and take our lavish lifestyles with them.

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