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Utah immigration reform passed:

Gov. Gary Herbert last week signed a bill that would give illegal immigrants who do not commit serious crimes and are working in Utah documents that, in the state's eyes at least, make them legal residents. For the law to work, however, the Obama administration would have to permit Utah to make it legal to employ people who entered the United States illegally - a federal crime.

The legislation requires a waiver from the federal government, which may or may not be forthcoming. I wonder if there is any parallel to the medical marijuana rules, though - the federal government simply doesn't have the manpower to do very much without local help, and simply doing their own thing will remove much of the risk associated with being an illegal immigrant.

We'll keep you updated.

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Oh - I hope they get that waiver! This is a great idea, and a good opportunity for Obama to show he respects states rights to solve the immigration issue in a way that doesn't violate anyone's rights. I like it. Good for you, Utah!

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