Business Opposition

A bill is rushing through the legislature, looking to pass with some tough opposition. Its proponents loudly proclaim that its purpose is to protect the common man from insidious economic attack from the enemies of the people. But at the last minute, a hand-delivered envelope from the state's business interests sways just enough legislators to ensure the bill doesn't pass.

Is this yet another defeat for state-run healthcare, higher taxes or more stifling regulations on oil companies?

No. Its the defeat of more insane immigration laws:

The Senate rejected the bills on Thursday when majority Republicans split and minority Democrats voted in lockstep against the bills, which included measures intended to force a U.S. Supreme Court ruling against automatic citizenship for U.S.-born children of illegal immigrants. Other bills dealt with health care, public services and everyday activities such as driving...

...In the wake of controversy over last year's Arizona immigration law, dozens of CEOs warned in the letter that new state legislation on the contentious issue could hurt the state's struggling economy and cost jobs.

For all their rhetoric about loving the free market and business, it seems like the Republicans are awfully comfortable piling on the regulatory burdens and hurting the economy.

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