Georgia Lawmakers Take a Step Back

The Georgia legislature has passed another set of job-killing, rights-violating laws:
Of particular concern to Georgia businesses is a requirement to use the federal E-Verify program. That program helps companies confirm whether their new hires are eligible to work in the United States. Some business owners say it will create red tape that will cost them time and money.
"We’re coming out of [a] recession, and businesses are doing all they can do right now to stay afloat," said Jann Moore, senior director of public policy and education for the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce. "To turn around and put the responsibility of another policy on business is the wrong thing to do. The timing could not be worse."
Other Georgia business boosters said lawmakers in a final day compromise had addressed some of their concerns. The legislation, for example, now exempts businesses with 10 or fewer employees from the requirement to use E-Verify."

So the companies who would be least impacted by the legislation (tiny ones who have only a handful of employees) are exempt. The companies for whom this will be the biggest headache and have the biggest potential impact on their bottom line (those with many employees who are constantly be hired or leaving the company for various reasons), will just have to deal with it.

On the national level, I was very disappointed to find that Republicans only cut a few million from the budget. It shows me that they are not serious about cutting the deficit. State laws passed by Republicans, like this one in Georgia, show me that they aren't serious about letting the economy grow either.

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