Keepers of the American Dream

Here is a fun little website, Keepers of the American Dream. It has stories about immigrants, like this:

"Two years ago, I bought a house where I now live. One month after I purchased the house, there was a strong thunderstorm and the roof started to leak. The man who lives across the street from me, a Mexican, is a roofer. It was Saturday afternoon and I did not know what to do so I went over to his house and asked him (in Spanish) for advice. He was watching soccer on Univision. He had his snacks and a bottle of beer next to his seat (Dos XX). He was comfortable and enjoying his day off. But he came over to my house to see what to do. He climbed up under the roof and came down. He went home and came back with some material. He spent about 2 hours up in the attic and fixed my roof. When I asked him what I owed him, he was shocked. He said "Eres mi vecino. No quiero dinero. Eres mi amigo." I told him that I should at least pay for the materials he used. He only laughed and said that it was all right. So enough for people saying that Mexicans only come here to get social security and use us!"

"Eres mi vecino. No quiero dinero. Eres mi amigo" translates to, "You're my neighbor. I do not want money. You're my friend."

Go check it out. It's a good website.

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