Chickens Coming Home to Roost for Arpaio

A federal judge ruled that the office of Maricopa County sheriff Joe Arpaio violated the constitutional rights of an Hispanic father and son who were arrested during an immigration raid in this Arizona metropolis.

The article continues:

The Moras were driving in their automobile near Handyman Maintenance Inc., a landscaping firm, where an immigration raid was being conducted at that time.

Soler Meetze said that U.S. District Judge David Campbell ruled on Monday that the Moras were detained for no reason and without probable cause, which is prohibited under the 4th Amendment.

Father and son were taken to the site of the raid and detained for more than three hours.

"This decision also shows that Maricopa County has to take responsibility for the actions of Sheriff Arpaio," said Soler Meetze.

Currently, Arpaio is also under investigation by the Justice Department on accusations of making racial profiling arrests during his operations.

It's pretty darn ridiculous when a citizen and his son can't drive down the street without being harassed because of their name or the color of their skin.  The only job of the US government is to protect individual rights, and it's failing miserably.

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