Immigrant Entrepreneurs - Reverse Brain Drain

This recent article from Businessweek highlights yet another reason why immigration needs to be reformed in the US; the reverse brain drain.

My team at Duke, UC-Berkeley, and Harvard researches the role that skilled immigrant entrepreneurs play in U.S.competitiveness. After we published our study on the reverse brain drain, many academics and policymakers told me entrepreneurs would be frustrated in their native countries and return to the U.S. They pointed to India's weak infrastructure, China's authoritarianism, and the corruption and red tape in both countries.

This prediction seemed wrong based on our observations during visits to India and China, so we launched a project to learn about the entrepreneurial landscape there. Over eight months, we surveyed 153 workers who had studied or worked in the U.S.and returned to India to start companies, and 111 who went back to China. We detail our findings in our new study, The Grass Is Indeed Greener in India and China for Returnee Entrepreneurs. It shows that the majority of returnee entrepreneurs are doing better at home than they believe they would do in the U.S.

For decades, the US has been the place to be if you have a new idea, initiative and brains.  People were free here, to invent, to produce, to prosper and grow.  Unfortunately, things are rapidly changing for the worse, and you have the statist policies of our government and the intolerance and ignorance of many Americans to thank for that.

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