Latinos Slower to Assimilate

From this article:

The report by the Migration Policy Institute said the nation's Latinos generally are having a tougher time when compared to Asian, black and non-Hispanic white immigrants.

"Progress among the United States' different immigration groups is highly uneven, however, Latinos are not faring as well," author Tomas Jimenez wrote.

But the report makes clear that immigrant groups in general are doing "reasonably well" in integrating into American life.

I highly suspect that is because many if not most Latino immigrants can only come into the US illegally.  If you are in this country legally, it's a bit easier to come out of the shadows and live an American life, to move up and prosper.  In addition, there is so much xenophobia directed at Latino immigrants, it seems only natural to me that they stick to their own communities and cultures.

Despite everything they have going against them in the US, I'm remarkably surprised at how many Latino families thrive in this country.  They have better job and educational opportunities in the US and although they may do it a bit slower than some, they do embrace American culture and improve their situations.

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