Obama To Speak on Immigration Today

I just received the following email from an immigration organization that I follow (but do not necessarily endorse.)  I will post my response to Obama's comments later.

Kelly --

Pressure from you and millions of advocates across the country has moved the national immigration debate forward once again.

Today at 3:30 PM EDT, President Obama will deliver a major speech about immigration in El Paso, Texas. We encourage you to tune in; while we don't know exactly what he'll say, we do know that his words will have a huge impact on our work.

Please try to make some time today to watch the speech today and send us your comments -- we'd love to hear what you think.

You can watch the speech here.

The fight for common sense immigration reform in Congress, and to reform our nation's enforcement policies, can only be won with pressure from people like us -- and the first step is knowing what the key players have to say.

We'll be in touch later this week after we see the speech...

Adam Luna
America's Voice

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Oh lordy. Looking forward to your analysis!

I just read the text - it was very good, actually. He covered a lot of things I was hoping he would (thanks for the link on FB). Looking forward to your post on it as well. It's nice for a change to agree with the president on something - especially such a big issue as this!

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