Russell Pearce Faces Recall in Arizona

Russell Pearce, the white supremacist, anti-immigration politician that has drafted some of Arizona's worst immigration laws, is now facing a recall.  From The New York Times:

It has been a rough year for Russell Pearce, the president of the Arizona Senate, as he has sought to solidify his state’s reputation as the nation’s incubator for hard-edged conservative policies.

He has seen fellow Republicans defy him and the Republican governor issue a raft of vetoes to keep his agenda in check. Now, so many critics in his suburban district have signed a recall petition that he will have to defend himself in a special election.

“It’s time for him to go,” said Randy Parraz, a labor organizer from outside Mr. Pearce’s district who has been leading the effort to oust him.

While it doesn't sound like the recall is likely to be successful, at least it's a thorn in Pearce's side.  As he states in the article:

"I stand for what I stand for, and I've never varied"

And he's right.  Pearce is a bigot and he's principled about it.  More people need to realize that.

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