CIS Threatened by Vargas

Here's an interesting article about Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) and their recent attacks on Jose Vargas:

The most vocal of the anti-immigrant groups opposing Vargas and the campaign is the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), an organization founded by white nationalist John Tanton back in 1985. CIS executive director Mark Krikorian was interviewed on NPR after Vargas’s appearance. He argued that Vargas should leave the United States and go back to the Philippines. Krikorian also argued that Vargas, because he moved to the US at age 12, should not be eligible for the DREAM Act because, according to Krikorian, Vargas’s “identity” was not formed in the United States. Last week, CIS continued its rant against Vargas, calling him an “illegal alien fraudster,” among other things.

All of this seriously begs the question, why is CIS so scared of Vargas?

Click through to read the entire article and find out.

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