Famous Immigrant of the Week

This week's famous immigrant is Nobel Prize laureate, Albert Einstein.  Einstein renounced his German citizenship in 1933 for political reasons, and moved toEinstein America where he became a citizen in 1940. 

From The History Channel:

The German-born physicist Albert Einstein developed the first of his groundbreaking theories while working as a clerk in the Swiss patent office in Bern. After making his name with four scientific articles published in 1905, he went on to win worldwide fame for his general theory of relativity and a Nobel Prize in 1921 for his explanation of the phenomenon known as the photoelectric effect. An outspoken pacifist who was publicly identified with the Zionist movement, Einstein emigrated from Germany to the United States when the Nazis took power before World War II. He lived and worked in Princeton, New Jersey, for the remainder of his life.

You can read a short biography of Einstein at the Nobel Prize website.  You can check out his archives here.

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I appreciate this feature which regularly features great Americans who immigrated. Thanks.

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