Huffington Post Article Properly Blames Both Parties for Immigration Atrocities

Jorge-Mario Cabrera points out in the Huffington Post, that the immigrant community is growing tired of politicians and their empty promises.  He is particularly upset with Barack Obama and the once Democrat-controlled legislature for not doing anything they promised, when they had the chance. 

While there were a few well-meaning efforts to address immigration reform in the House and Senate under Democratic leadership, no progress was made. Outside Washington, DC, between President Obama's first day in office and the end of June 2011, one million immigrants and families have been detained, deported, or fired from their place of work. In addition, the well-oiled enforcement machine led by ICE in collaboration with local police departments under the rubric of the wrongly-named "Secure Communities," I-9 audits, and 287(g) agreements, just to name a few, is running full speed ahead.

Mr. Cabrera then goes on to blame both sides, and rightly so, by saying:

But President Obama, Republicans and Democrats should recognize that we have danced together quite a lot during the past two years and a half and our feet are getting tired. Not tired enough to stop our fight for justice and changes in immigration laws so that they accurately reflect our nation's compassion, values, and interest.

And he's right.  The immoral, rights-violating laws that make up current US immigration policy do not reflect the values of this once-great, nearly capitalist nation.  Instead, they reflect the awful values of statist regimes of the past and present.  America needs a government that respects and protects individual rights, including the property rights of business owners.  America needs capitalism.

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The Democrats know that immigration is a hot-potato among "independent voters". With the economic downturn, a slightly higher proportion of Americans would think it wrong to encourage immigration.

Yesterday, I heard a story about China enticing US-educated Phds to return. In the last few years 80,000 have done so. (

I know the inscription on Lady Liberty says "give me your tired, your poor..." And I interpret this as a great sentiment: in the U.S., they will be tired and poor no more. The government ought not to pick and choose who will enter the U.S., but if it must encourage someone to come, it should be the brightest and the best. For instance, anyone who score 90% or more on the popular standardized tests (SAT, GMAT, GRE) should be automatically eligible for a work-permit.

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