Tanton-esque Cronies Come Out of the Woodwork

Here's an interesting article about Georgia' assault on individual rights and the man heading the charge, Tanton-network-funded Donald Arthur “D.A.” King:

Prior to his elegant transition into mainstream media, King maintained an active partnership with VDare, a website that receives financial aid from the Tanton network. VDare publishes racist, anti-Semitic, and anti-immigrant articles. In one blog entry, he discussed his experience at a March for Dignity, comprised of, in King’s words, “mostly Hispanic demonstrators.” He wrote, “I got the sense that I had left the country of my birth and been transported to some Mexican village, completely taken over by an angry, barely restrained mob….My first act on a safe return home was to take a shower.”

In September 2006, King attempted to distance himself from VDare by requesting that his name be removed from the editorial collective, as long as they kept an archive of his past posts.

Unfortunately his attempts to gain a wider audience seem to be working. In October 2007, a National Public Radio segment described King as “a grassroots activist.” Later that year, King was introduced as a guest on CNN’s Headline News as an “anti-illegal immigration activist” and a “columnist for the Marietta Journal.”  In fact, records indicate that twelve mainstream newspapers have printed King’s articles.  Most notably, The Washington Times, which neutrally describes the Dustin Inman Society as “a Georgia-based coalition of citizens with the goal of educating the public on the consequences of illegal immigration.”

I think what scares me most is not that a minority of evil men as hateful and bigoted as Tanton and King actually exist, but that they are able to get the masses to sway with them.  It reminds me of Hitler and the Nazis.  They were extreme, they were right-wing, they were religious, they were full of hate and they were elected into office. 

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