Xenophobia in America

This Santa Barbara Independent article by Alberto Pizano is interesting.  He makes some great points, such as:

The rise of right-wing extremist sentiments in the United States is a highly disturbing development, and the advocacy of extremist themes by some prominent mainstream conservatives makes one wonder if a dangerous element has crept into America’s political arena.

There is very little room for anyone to argue against the need for immigration reform in the United States. It is sorely needed. But to blame illegal immigrants for the problems that face the nation is a gross deviation from rationality.

Instead of seeking to live harmoniously with each other and to fully utilize the human resources we have been dealt, there are individuals and groups in the United States, especially political candidates, who have seized on the illegal immigration issue as a means of exploiting the fears, and gaining the vote, of a disgruntled and depressed electorate, by suggesting that the mass exportation of illegal immigrants (Latinos) is the solution to our problems.

That being said, it seems he is not a capitalist and has an axe to grind with the Caucasians that settled America: 

Illegal immigrants do not run Wall Street, banks, or the real estate industry and neither are they responsible for the fluctuations (crashes/ recessions) of the American free-enterprise system. [I think we're seeing a crash of the welfare state and socialism, not a crash of capitalism.]

The framers also provided for the admission of new states, first thinking of securing access to the Mississippi River; but that was soon not enough. Eventually, under the guise of Manifest Destiny, reaching the Pacific Ocean (at the expense of Native Americans and Mexicans) became the final territorial objective—but only temporarily.  [I don't think the Native Americans or Mexicans were as innocent as he's making them out to be.]

(Emphasis mine.)

Despite the fact that I cannot agree with everything Mr. Pizano says, this article is still worth a look.

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