1980 Republican Candidates Debate Immigration

Not only do they agree, but they're pretty darn rational! (H/T to Ryan) 

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Those were the days. However, today many people have problems with illegal aliens taking advantage of services legal residents have access to whether driver's licenses, public schools or what have you. Many years ago when California was facing proposition 187 which would have prohibited illegal aliens from using public education and other social services. I voted against it at the time even though I am (obviously) opposed to public education on the reasoning that this is not about education or welfare but simply anti-immigrant. It would also, as Bush pointed out in your video, create a separate underclass of people. Yet, it seems some argue that public education is so bad that that's exactly what we should do. What do you think?

The government-run school system is obviously broken, but not because of immigrants. It's failing for the same reason that all government welfare programs fail, lack of competition. Education (along with other welfare programs including health care, social security, etc.) and the licensing of drivers should be left to the private sector where free markets and competition would create more effective services for less cost.

Many Americans like to blame immigrants for the problems of the welfare state, but I prefer to blame the welfare state. Even without immigrants, America would be bankrupting herself and that must stop. In fact, I think the positive effects of immigration are what has helped to prop up our flailing economy this long!

I think immigrants *should* be denied access to all government welfare services, but they should *not* be taxed for those services either. Then the government should begin weaning citizens off of those services and cutting taxes accordingly. I'd be willing to volunteer to go first. =)

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