Drug War Sends Asylum-Seekers to US

Here's a heart-breaking article from International Business Times about the Mexican American drug war sending increasing numbers of asylum-seekers to the US.  From the article:

As Mexico has spiraled into a bloody cycle of police raids on drug dealers and violent reprisals, more Mexicans have arrived in the United States and argued to immigration authorities that they would face torture or death if they returned home. In all, 3,231 Mexicans filed for asylum last year, up from 2,670 in 2005.

"I fear the cartels, but I fear the Mexican military more," a human rights workers named Cipriana Jurado told GlobalPost. "The soldiers have killed many innocent people, and any human-rights workers who stand in their way are in great danger."

America's drug war has caused a violent black market for drugs here and abroad.  Due to increasing pressure from the US, Mexico is now bogged down in its own drug war which wastes tax payer money and creates all kinds of corruption and violence, on both sides of the border.  This combined with the government-created black market in immigration makes the US-Mexico border dangerous for everyone.

The governments of the United States and Mexico need to stop violating individual rights now.  End the immoral and disastrous drug wars and open the borders so that peaceful people can move about freely in search of a better life!

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