Southern Border Arrests at 40-Year Low

From Fox News Latino:

The number of immigrant arrests on the border with Mexico stands at its lowest level in 40 years, undermining conservative claims that the zone is "out of control" and leading activists to insist the time is right for comprehensive immigration reform.


Activist Pedro Rios, with the American Friends Service Committee in San Diego, [says], what has not declined is the number of people who have died trying to cross the border.

"The presence of (Border Patrol) agents makes the flow move to more dangerous zones and take more time. Bodies have been found up to 75 miles north of the border. We have about 6,000 dead people since 1994," said Rios.

"The border, as the low numbers of immigrant arrests show, does not need to be militarized any more. It's regrettable that there continues to exist a discourse that says that before getting started with immigration reform, the border must be secured, when now it is," said Rios.

You can read the full story here.

The thing that I hate most about the argument that the border must be secure before we can have meaningful immigration reform, is that it totally ignores the fact that our border would be safer because of good immigration reform.

If you open the borders to peaceful people who do not seek to violate the individual rights of others, that makes the job of catching the criminals that much easier.  If the vast majority of immigrants are coming in at designated entry points, that means those sneaking in through undesignated areas are likely up to no good.  In addition, if the honest, peaceful people are coming in legitimately, the criminals' underworld suddenly becomes smaller and they have fewer people to victimize and use as cover.

The amount of money and other resources being sent to our southern border is wasteful to say the least.  The human rights violations (and even deaths) that our government is causing is criminal.

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