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A friend sent me the following message and link:

The waiting time for an educated Indian to get a U.S. permanent residence visa is now 70 years.

I am still in California most of the time working for Intel. Probably 90% of our chip architects and designers are from India or China. If we can't get those people into the USA, companies like Intel will suffer.braindrain

Thanks for the message, Martin.

The Washington Post article that he links to talks about the "brain drain" America is facing.  

This is a big problem for the U.S. because immigrants have founded 52 percent of Silicon Valley’s companies and created millions of American jobs. This won’t be the case in the future.

Unfortunately, as long as America keeps inching closer and closer toward socialism, the "brain drain" will continue.  There was a time when people from Europe and Asia fled to America to escape the statism of their native countries.  How sad and scary is it that now people are feeling the need to flee the US?

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