Famous Immigrant of the Week

This week I am featuring Arianna Huffington, which may seem surprising to many who know me personally.  While I disagree with Ms. Huffington on many issues,Arianna Huffington particularly when it comes to the proper role of government, I'm thankful to Ms. Huffington for starting The Huffington Post which regularly features articles that  are of interest to me.  Here's a little bit about her life as an immigrant from The League of Women Voters website:

Arianna Stasinopoulos was born 53 years ago in Athens, Greece, to intensely political parents. As a young man, her father joined the resistance to the German occupation of Greece by editing an underground newspaper. He was caught, and spent the rest of the war in a German concentration camp. Her mother, whose family had fled Russia during the revolution, had a passion for cooking and learning. (Arianna has humorously compared her mom to the mother character in the hit movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding.) Arianna moved to the United States in 1980 with her mother, who lived with Arianna until her death three years ago. Formerly married to Michael Huffington, the businessman and former GOP congressman, Arianna Huffington now lives in Los Angeles with her two daughters.

You can read more about Ms. Huffington and check out The Huffington Post for yourself here.

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I see that you mix the good with the bad.-)

Actually I agree with you, she is famous and influential. The fact that reason is not a standard for the Huff post doesn't distract from that other more important fact, she has created an open forum for debate. While most of her audience reflect an improper set of beliefs, she has no qualms about stirring a 'hornets nest'.

I believe she's sold the Huff post for a tidy sum and is no longer in control.

Altogether, I think Huffington is a net benefit to the US. She's a moderate who leans left on some issues, but I believe she's a good person who's just misguided. (Not evil like Pelosi or something, lol!) And I do like that I can get a different perspective on The Huffington Post. It's nice to have something that's NOT FoxNews or CNN! =)

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