More Fallout From Georgia's Immigration Law

E-Verify is a big failure for Georgia farmers according to this AFP story:

A controversial system called E-Verify was put in place to document "guest workers," but farmers said it wasn't working.

"Here is one provision of E-verify," said Melinda James of Osage Farms in north Georgia. "If I sign up I have to guarantee a worker 40 hours of work a week. What if it rains for a week? Well, I still have to pay the worker. I also have to contribute to the transportation of workers from their homes.

And, once again, Americans do not want the jobs that immigrants work.

Georgia attempted to fill the needs of farmers by sending probationers, or recently released prisoners, to pick crops but farmers said those workers could not handle the physical demands of long hours in the fields.

Government meddling into the economy has never worked, never in the history of mankind!  You'd think politicians would've learned their lesson by now.

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