Quotes About Alabama's New Immigration Law

This article features interesting quotes from Alabama residents about their new immigration law.  Here are a few I'd like to share.

William Burkes, local farmer:

"There's a big concern for next year. I'm cutting back. We won't plant as much because we don't know what kind of labor we will have."

Keith Smith, farmer:

"If you want to solve the immigration problem, quit eating.”

Brian Hardin, assistant director of the Alabama Farmers Federation's governmental and agricultural programs:

"We've got farmers who have already lost crops this summer and this fall. It's hot work. It's difficult work and it's work that most people don't want to do for a long time.”

Jose Carlos Pineda, 13-year-old son of Guadalupe Pineda-Rios, owner of Foley La Michaoacana market:

"From night to the morning, his dream went away. If the law keeps going, he might have to close. And if the business closes, he has to leave."

Victor Spezzini, Hispanic Interest Coalition of Alabama:

This is a step backward in time for Alabama. We are going back to a time of laws similar to Jim Crow laws, but now directed at immigrant communities.”

Van Phillips, principal, Center Point High School:

I’m not INS. It’s not my job to police who’s legal, who’s illegal.”

Andre Segura, attorney at ACLU:

This law is much worse than Arizona…[The legislation] threatens public safety and undermines American values.”

J.D. Crowe, editorial cartoonist for Mobile Press-Register:

Alabama needs insurance reform and better education and better jobs and oh, I don't know, a hundred other things before we need a tough new immigration law that stresses out farmers, law enforcement, school officials, people in line at the DMV and everyone with a tan.”

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