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"Last week I was thinking I was on the wrong side of this issue," Dubrinsky says. "Now, I don't. It's clear from the response that there are far more people concerned with this law than you would think."

Dubrinsky was speaking about the threats he received when he spoke out about Alabama's new immigration law.  It seems there's been a fortunate turn of events, however:

But since late last week, Dubrinsky has witnessed an outpouring of support from a different set of strangers. After reading of Dubrinsky's plight, opponents of the new law have rallied around his deli, leading to one the busiest stretches at the restaurant that Dubrinsky can recall. He tells HuffPost that new diners have been driving from up to forty miles outside the city just to try his reuben and thank him for standing up for Latino workers.

"I've shaken more hands in the last two days than in the previous two years. It's been amazing," Dubrinsky said. "The restaurant has been pretty darn busy."

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