Local Police Not Obligated to Hold Undocumented Immigrants Per DHS

According to this Huffington Post article:

Local law enforcement agencies are not required to hold undocumented immigrants at the request of the federal government, according to internal Department of Homeland Security documents obtained by a coalition of groups critical of the Secure Communities enforcement program.

The documents could provide ammunition for jurisdictions that no longer want to participate in Secure Communities, which allows federal immigration authorities to use fingerprints to scan those arrested by local law enforcement. They also support recent actions by Cook County, Ill., Santa Clara, Calif., and San Francisco, all of which decided this year to stop adhering to federal requests to hold undocumented immigrants who were either low-level offenders or were accused of felonies.

While I believe people who have committed real crimes (i.e. they have violated someone's individual rights) should be dealt with by law enforcement and the courts, it makes me very happy to see that local police may not be forced to comply with Secure Communities.  Secure Communities is government cronyism at its finest and needs to be abolished.  Deporting peaceful, productive people and separating them from their families, friends and employers is not good for anyone or the US economy.

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