Quick Hits Regarding AL Immigration Law

There is so much immigration news coming out of Alabama, it's been difficult to blog about it all, so a few weeks ago I decided to compile a list of links to share in this one blog post, as follows:

Can't Deport Us All Decatur Utilities now prohibits illegal immigrants from obtaining electric, gas, water or sewer service.

Alabama’s tomato crop is rotting due to the mass exodus of immigrant workers following that state’s draconian new anti-immigrant law.

Fear of detention, families torn apart – Hispanics in Alabama are trapped in a unique half-life under punishing new immigrant laws.

Test fails to replace immigrant laborers with U.S. citizens in Alabama.

The weak economy has hurt business. But nothing has battered Discount Grocery and Variety worse than Alabama's newly enacted immigration law…

Few Americans take immigrants' jobs in Alabama, farmers say they will have to downsize or let crops die on the vine.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has filed a lawsuit against a probate judge in Montgomery county for not letting a U.S. citizen and an undocumented immigrant obtain marriage license.

No US help on Alabama immigration law, Homeland secretary Janet Napolitano says.

Critics See ‘Chilling Effect’ in Alabama Immigration Law

U.S. Faces Severe Shortages of Farm Workers

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