Russell Pearce Recalled in Arizona

Never before have two sad faces made me so happy.  From this FoxNews Latino Pearce Arpaio Arizonastory:
In an unprecedented recall election, Arizona's State Senator and Senate President Russell Pearce, conceded defeat Tuesday. The defeat was a stunning rebuke to the author of Arizona's controversial immigration law and could serve as a warning signal to politicians who have advocated hard-line policies on immigration.
We're no fan of Pearce (or his evil buddy, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio), as you may recall from our earlier posts about him and his white supremacist friends.  We consider this victory a wake up call to all the racist, rights-violating, anti-immigrant types out there who think they can take over America.  There are still plenty of Americans left who know what individual rights are, why we have them and why they must be defended by a moral government.  You should consider us your enemy rather than the helpless, hard working immigrants you rail against and throw into your prisons.  Come fight us head on.  We are not afraid of you.  We have truth, justice and moral principles on our side and we will never surrender to evil power-lusters like you.

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