Another Auto Industry Migrant Worker Arrested in Alabama

As a follow up to this earlier post, now a Honda worker has been caught in HondaAlabama's immigration net.  From Reuters:

A Honda worker on assignment at the company's Lincoln, Alabama, factory was issued a citation.

The immigration law requires proper identification to be produced during routine traffic stops. People suspected of being in the country illegally can be detained.

"We understand he is working with authorities to resolve this matter," said Ted Pratt, spokesman for Honda Manufacturing of Alabama. He described the worker as "a Japanese associate on assignment."

And it looks like other foreign companies are thinking twice about setting up shop in Alabama.  From The Wall Street Journal:

In March, a Chinese company, Golden Dragon Precise Copper Tube Group, announced plans to build a $100 million plant in Thomasville that would mark the first foray by a Chinese manufacturer into the state. While the company remains committed to the project, it has expressed unease to local leaders about the immigration law, according to a person familiar with the matter.

"They're concerned about moving employees to Alabama in the future" and worry that the company's reputation might be affected by locating in the state, this person said.

While Alabama Governor, Robert Bentley, tries to put a positive spin on his state's awful law by saying, "We are not anti-foreign companies. We are very pro-foreign companies," the fact is, his legislation is anti-immigrant.  Bentley likes to ignore the fact that immigration creates jobs and strengthens economies.

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