California Vineyard Tries to Hire Americans

But once again, they don't want the job.  From the article:

With a nearly 12 percent unemployment rate statewide, you'd imagine most job openings would have applicants lined up around the block, but Vineyardsone local man says he had a difficult time keeping almost any workers on the job.

John Salisbury owns Salisbury Vineyards in Avila Valley and Paso Robles. He needed 32 grape pickers fast for the harvest season in late September and put the call out for anyone to apply, even if they didn't have any experience, advertising on his website and on the radio.

As the saying goes, no wine before its time, but when they're ready, they're ready.

"The idea is to be able to pick them in that one day and get them while they're perfect, but if you have to wait two or three more days, you've maybe missed a peak time," he said.

Workers had to be able to lift 35 pounds, keep up with crews and provide all necessary documentation.

Salisbury now calls his experience a social experiment gone awry. It was ill-fated from the beginning; Salisbury started with 40 applicants, but only seven actually finished the job.

We need to stop this senseless war against peaceful people looking for work and the employers who need and want to hire them.  The workers have a right to work wherever they are hired, and business owners have a right to hire whom they please to work on their property. 

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