Deportations Continue to Fuel Corruption, Abuse and Rights Violations

From USA Today and The New York Times comes two stories of government corruption and violations of individual rights regarding the record number of deportations under the ObamaLily Ramos administration.

From USA Today:

After living for 21 years in the U.S., Ramos, 39, was deported to Mexico in September, separated from the two daughters and son she has raised as a single mother since her ex-husband left them seven years ago.

She had lacked legal immigration status since crossing the border into the U.S. as a teenager with her parents, so the threat of arrest and deportation was always there. Even so, Lily, as she is known to friends, had hoped her clean record and two decades of work, paying taxes, going to church and providing for her U.S.-born children would allow her a path to legal status or at least avoid deportation.

Like hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants, her hopes rose with the Obama administration. In July 2010, President Obama said mass deportation of all illegal immigrants would be "intolerable" to most Americans because so many have established deep family roots, often with children who are citizens. He said they should be given a route to legal status: "Our laws should respect families following the rules instead of splitting them apart."

And from The New York Times:

A recent American Civil Liberties Union report, based on documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, uncovered almost 200 accusations of sexual abuse of immigrant detainees. The A.C.L.U. has urged the Department of Justice to abandon a proposed rule that would exempt immigration detention centers from the Prison Rape Elimination Act, a federal law that sets standards for detecting and preventing sexual abuse of people in custody.

It should be of great concern to all Americans that our government is so willing to trample on the very individual rights it's charged with protecting.  Although the US government violates the rights of its citizens every day, the sheer hell it's putting peaceful, hard-working immigrant families through is nothing less than evil and disgusting. 

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