Famous Immigrant of the Week

Albert V. Baez was not only the father of folks singers, Joan Baez and Mimi Fariña, but he was also the co-investor of the X-ray reflection microscopeAlbert_BaezFrom his obituary in the New York Times:

Born in Puebla, Mexico, and reared in Brooklyn, Dr. Baez earned a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Drew University, a master’s in math from Syracuse University and a doctorate in physics from Stanford University. He taught physics at several universities, including Stanford.

In 1948, while he was still a graduate student at Stanford, Mr. Baez and Paul Kirkpatrick developed the X-ray reflection microscope, which could examine living cells. The imaging technique is still used, particularly in astronomy to take X-ray pictures of galaxies and in medicine.

You can read more about Dr. Baez on his Wikipedia page here.

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