New Startup Hopes to House Immigrants in International Waters

From this USA Today article:Blueseed-Seasteading-Concept-Vessel

A California start-up company may have found a way to get around  those time-consuming, hard-to-get visas. The company is planning to anchor a ship capable of holding 1,000 people off California's shore — far enough away to be in international waters but close enough to Silicon Valley so occupants, using easier-to-obtain tourist visas and short-term business visas, can hop a quick ferry ride to meet with tech employers and investors on shore.

I am not sure whether to think this is a great idea or a pitiful one.  I guess it's both.  It's great that people are trying to find ways to solve America's problems without the government, but pitiful that the government is actively ruining our economy and people's lives! 

Here's another great article about this startup.  (H/T to Diana Hsieh)

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